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Quotesmasher is an amazing new way to  get really competitive landlord insurance. It allows to get several quotes from the best in the market and then they will compete to give the landlord the best deal available.   Being a landlord in todays market can be challenging with increased red tape, tenants not paying the rent, and houses that may be left by tenants in a poor condition. Whatever number of properties you have it is important to find the right insurance deal and contain costs wherever possible. If you want  to make a significant saving and  get a money saving quote , simply complete the form below and we will do the rest and save you those hard earned pounds. So this the best way to the best deal.



LANDLORD INSURANCE    Let the insurers compete so that you save.

You are probably a busy landlord and time is money. Let Quotesmasher compare the market to find you the very best deal. Landlord insurance is vital whether you are a new start landlord or a landlord with a larger number of properties you will need to sort out cover for your property. There are also a number of additional policies which can be taken with landlord insurance. Such as, legal expenses cover, loss of rent cover, urgent boiler cover,  plumbing and or gas cover. The level of cover that you require to protect your property and investment, can include, accidental damage. If you include accidental damage cover then it gives you peace of mind that even if you as a Landlord have an accident, that you would still be covered.

Landlord Insurance is often called buy to let insurance, but this remains the same, that you are covering your building against unexpected events, such as, fire and flood. Being a Landlord can be quite a hard role and it is wise to cover all bases . This would cover the Landlord in the event of an accident, which led to a serious health problem or injury problem to a tenant. Landlord insurance policies come with a standard excess. This excess levels and vary enormously so it pays to check the small print first, and generally subsidence excesses start at around a thousand pounds. Another type of cover which can be included is theft of keys and new locks. Landlord property insurance is available through Quotesmasher and additional cover such as key replacement may be available. It is important to look at the small print to check the unoccupied duration clause.If the property is going to be unoccupied for months and months, then there is a specialist quotes available to cover this eventuality.

Landlord Insurance is a vital  element of running a property portfolio and gives the Landlord the confidence to build the business. Certain Insurers specialise in covering different tenant types. You might be a Landlord that has a portfolio of houses with DSS tenants. Not all Insurers look upon this type of tenant in a good light  and will rate it accordingly. Another tenant type is asylum seekers. These are seen to be higher risk than working professionals. Looking after your property on the interior is just as important as looking after the outside of the property. If you need to check out whom owns a property then go to the goverment land registry site. If your property has  a large number of  valuables in terms of furniture and fittings, then it will be a good idea to take out landlords content insurance to reduce costs in the event of a fire, flood or any other unforeseen event .


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