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Home Insurance

Home Insurance – find the best policy that is suitable and meets all of your requirements!

How do I get a cheap deal?  You can compare up to 40 insurance providers at the click of a button.  To get a quote, you will need, the property build date, when you bought the house, details of locks and alarms and the re-build cost of the house.  You will also need to notify of any claims that have been made in the last 5 years and also, the cost of your personal belongings. Your home insurance principally consists of buildings cover, which insurers the bricks and mortar against fire, flood and subsidence.

This would cover the building including, the roof, fixtures and fittings and any outside buildings in the garden.  If you opted to include contents cover, this would include your furniture, for example, bookcases, sofas and wardrobes .  Also, it would include your electrical items, such as your TV and laptop. If you possess any family antiques or heirlooms, this would fall under the contents section.  It is also possible to factor in pet insurance with your home insurance.

Home insurance is based around the rebuild cost of your property and this can be called the Building Sum Insured or Reinstatement value of your property.  With a lot of home insurers policies there is an accidental damage option.  This may avoid any disputes in the event of a claim.  Some policies will offer alternative accommodation within the Home Insurance and this will enable you to find temporary accommodation whilst repairs are being made to your own property.  Within certain policies , some items can be recovered up to a certain value. However, if the value of individual items is high, these items need to be named separately. E.g. jewellery items, pushbikes, cameras etc.

Home Insurance comes with an number of other options, such as, Home Emergency Insurance.  The policy may also cover other emergencies or unforeseen events such as, failing heating systems, blocked drains and interruption in gas or electricity.  Home Insurance can be paid for in one amount, or is increasingly available by monthly installments enabling the cost to be spread evenly over the year, rather than being faced with one bill annually.