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Buy To Let Insurance

Buy To Let Insurance – Where to find the best deals!

Buy to let insurance quotes online can be easily attained through Quotesmasher.  Your mortgage lender will insist that you take out a specialist insurance policy for buy to let activity.  The risks are much higher when you let your property, either first or second home to a third party.  It is also a handy all encompassing policy for those involved in the buy to let business on a much larger scale.  If you own multiple properties you can often get a discount by having a cheaper portfolio landlord insurance under one policy document.  Buy to let landlords can gain access to multiple insurance cover.  Primarily you will be looking for the correct buildings sums insured for one or many buildings.  One of the best websites to get current property values to assist in your valuations is This amount is not a sales value but the sum required to completely rebuild.

It is designed to cover rental properties and your ongoing buy to let investments. Compare buy to let insurance policies online to receive an exact quote to match your buy to let business needs.  Much like any property, your mortgage provider will require you to have an all risks cover.  The extent of which applies to fire, flood, accidental and malicious damage, structurally and to internal walls, fixtures and fittings.  It is also a wise idea to have some form of cheaper buy to let insurance that covers contents also.

A landlord, especially when operating with so many properties, cannot afford to rely on any single rental deposit to cover damages.  Most landlords supply properties furnished.  This means you are likely to have to repair or replace a multitude of white goods and furniture over any long-term tenancies.

When purchasing buy to let insurance premiums online and paying monthly or annually you can ensure swift replacement of furniture, fixtures and fittings should they become damaged or stolen.  There is also the threat of burglary or tenants losing keys.  Such insurance will afford for the repair of windows, doors and replacement keys and locks.  Of course, any tenancy leaves you wide open to public liability claims.  With the best buy to let insurance policy you will receive legal expenses cover should you be sued.  With access to a legal team to evict tenants or claim under any rent guarantee scheme.  Help us choose the right buy to let insurance quote for your buy to let business and offer you immediate cover today across your buy to let properties.

Buy To Let Insurance